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Exciting new mobile game from Fiveamp. Hilarously challenging and addicting doggo snack catching arcade gameplay!

Catch all the snacks falling from the dinner table. Yummy pizza πŸ•, apples 🍎, hotdogs 🌭, watermelons πŸ‰, hamburgers πŸ”, ice creams 🍦 and oh so tasty bones! Dress your dog up in tons of outrageous accessories. Collect all the hats, glasses, doggy bandanas and necklaces! Super easy to learn, but super hard to be the best! 🌟


Super Doggo Snack Time was made with intention to satisfy dog lovers, but as players have raved this game is entertaining and challenging for vast range of people. Everybody finds something exciting in it:

  • Simple one finger gameplay with a heckin’ high skill cap!
  • Customize your look with over 15,000 variations of ridiculous outfits!
  • Play without internet, offline, on an airplane, in a dog house, anywhere!
  • Share and compete with friends to become the best
  • No violence, suitable for all age groups

About us

Fiveamp is a game development studio focused on making ridiculously fun and engaging games. Our focus as of recent is developing new mobile games, while continuing to build content and features for our existing games and community. At the moment, studio is working on 4 titles (3 released) across mobile and desktop.

Fiveamp LLC is founded. Fiveamp's first game, PickCrafter, is launched in late 2014.
Production and development of PickCrafter continues with new content and updates.
Fiveamp LLC goes full-time and work completes on a massive V2 redesign of PickCrafter. Production also begins on new titles.
Fiveamp grows to 5 full-time employees, work completes on a huge V3 release of PickCrafter. PickCrafter reaches 10M downloads.
Super Doggo release. 6 full-time remote game developers across 4 different time-zones.
Coffee Craze releases!


There are more images available for Super Doggo Snack Time. If you have specific requests, please do contact us at

Super Doggo Snack Time screenshot 1
Super Doggo Snack Time screenshot 2
Super Doggo Snack Time screenshot 3
Super Doggo Snack Time screenshot 4

Logo & Icon

Download all the logos/icons as a .zip file. There are additional formats for the logos inside of this archive.

Selected Press


"One of the cutest mobile games... It's seriously adorable"

-Brittany Vincent, Shacknews

"Super Doggo Snack Time is the perfect game to play on the go."

-Jeremy, Touch Tap Play



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